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LLC Annual Report Notices

All North Carolina limited liability companies (LLCs) are required to file an annual report each year with the Department of the Secretary of State.  In December of 2012, the Secretary of State mailed out nearly 35,000 Notices of Administrative Dissolution to businesses that were delinquent in their annual report filings.  If you received one of these notices, there are several steps that you can take to avoid administrative dissolution by the Secretary of State.

If you need to file your annual report, you can go to the following website to file the reports:

If you believe the notice was in error or have other questions, you can email the Department at or call the corporations division at (919) 807-2225. The Secretary of State’s Office has a website with a searchable database of LLCs that have been flagged as being late in their annual report filings.  The website is

LLC annual reports are due by April 15 for the current year.  They are not tied to a fiscal year and are not due in conjunction with any other tax filing.  All entities which do not respond to the notice within 60 days will be administratively dissolved by the Secretary of State and notified via Certificate of Dissolution/Revocation mailed to the Registered Agent.  Please feel free to call our office if you have any questions about annual report filings or a notice you may have received.